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11″ x 14″ Prints – $35.00

#320 The Loge after Renoir

Loge after Renoir painting

#319 Mona Lisa after daVinci

Mona Lisa after Da Vinci painting gail webster bishop

#321 Saint John the Evangelist 

 after Titian

Saint John the Evangelist painting gail webster bishop

#323 Madam X

after John Singer Sargent

madam X portrait

#322 Mozart

Mozart portrait gail webster bishop

#330 Beethoven after Stieler

beethoven portrait gail webster bishop

#377 Angel Sculpture

Angel Sculpture painting

#299 Angel's Whisper

Angel's Whisper painting

When sleeping infants smile, the angels are whispering to them9 Angel's Whisper.

Mural After Lautrec

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